Playa Brava


A couple of minutes walk from Viejo Fox are miles of wild ocean and empty beach. In summer the beach is great for sea fishing, horse riding, surfing or just resting Horse Ridingand strolling along. In winter penguins and sea lions enjoy the beach. The views are breathtaking and extend from José Ignacio to Laguna Garzón.  The bright light, reflections on the ocean, changing skies and vivid sunsets make Playa Brava an unforgettable place.  Even during the short peak season the beach is peaceful and empty.

During the Uruguayan winter months the southern right whale can be seen along the Maldonado coast. Near Punta del Este is Punte Ballena or Whale Point which is a great place to place for whale watching in the winter months. Uruguay is the first country in the world to make all of its territorial waters a safe haven for whales and dolphins and every year, dozens of whales are sighted.


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